About Handelmaatschappij

Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh N.V.

In Suriname, Kuldipsingh is a leader in the field of high quality products. A broad assortment of these products can be found in Handelmaaatschappij Kuldipsingh N.V.’s stores.

You can find everything for your smaller jobs or large building projects. Not just roofing, steel, tools, machines and plumbing, but also Kuldipsingh’s other products, like decorative paving, windows, doors, and metal profiles.

Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh N.V. has an 80% market share in the local market.

Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh N.V. was founded in 1979. In that year a shop for building materials was started on the Dr. S. Redmondstraat, as well as a sales office for steel, rebar and other related products.
On 10 September 2001 a branch was opened on the Anamoestraat in the north of Paramaribo.
In July 2005 another Kuldipsingh branch was opened on the Martin Luther Kingweg. This building is 270 meters long and a has a store, a warehouse and a factory.
In December 2018 a megastore was opened on the Duisburglaan. The 2000m2 floor area makes this store the largest branch of all.